For over 30 years Profurl has been designing, developing and marketing hi-tech products that combine safety, ease of use at sea and high performance.

Whatever your sailing programme, the size of your boat or your budget, you will always find a Profurl system suited to your own style of cruising.



A comprehensive range of systems

> The Cruising range: with 10 models, the Cruising range offers robustness and safety, it is dedicated to boats from 5 to 26m.

> The Racing range: these models have been especially designed for the racing-cruising sailors and are dedicated to boats from 6 to 20m

> The Below deck range: an aesthetic solution enabling easier operations with anchor at the foredeck.




Performance and ease of operations

The Profurl flying sails furlers are dedicated to improve the boat performances by raising quickly flying sails (gennaker, solent etc...). With a flying sails furler, sailing is not possible with the sail reefed. The installation and use enable to perform operations safely and simply.

A wide range of flying sails furlers

Two versions are available:
> The NEX models with a spool: 4 models available equipped with a spool and a continuous line. This version enables to optimize the luff length and to save significant weight.
> The EC models with drum: 5 models available. As the opposite of the NEX models, they are equipped with a drum and a single furling line.

The Profurl benefits

> Two types of models: spool or drum
> Ease of operations and enhanced safety
> General improvement of the boat performances: optimized luff and dimensions
> Weight savings
> Easy to fit and to remove
> Wide range of terminals to attach the system (snap shackle, eye, halyard block...)
> Easy storage of the sails
> Maintenance free
> 3 year world wide limited warranty


TOP DOWN FURLER - for asymetrical spinnakers


Thanks to Spinex, the new Profurl top down furler for asymetrical spinnaker, operations get safer and easier.
All furling and unfurling operations can be handled directly from the cockpit offering to crew members an increased safety.
The Sail Bearing Technology integration to the NEX mechanisms allows also to operate spinnaker with a short handed crew

A comprehensive range

Spinex range includes 4 models dedicated to sailing boats from 5 to 18 m and max sail area 250 sqm.

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