The new SilentWind 400+ has received praise from sailors throughout the world

The "Blue Blade" wind generator has proved aerodynamic, affordable, reliable and safe. But most importantly, it has maximised power generation to wind speed ratios, and is very quiet.

So, why Silentwind?


Quiet operation due to technical optimization of the rotor bladesReliable and Safe
High-quality components and German engineering
3 year warranty for the wind generator and 2 years for the charge controller

Complete and Versatile

For marine and land use at low, middle and strong winds
For professional applications

Independent and Unlimited

Wind and solar energy wherever you are!

Ideal for Marine / Coastal applications

Sea water resistant aluminum alloy with special treatment against corrosion, stainless steel screws and UV resistant rotor blades

Compact, Practical and Elegant

Lightweight - only 6.8 kg
Suitable for all types of sailboats and easy to install
Ergonomic and aerodynamic design
External wind and solar hybrid controller with multifunctional LCD display, and integrated manual and electronic switch-off, suitable for the installation of solar panels without the need for additional controllers


3 models: 12, 24 and 48V
Weight of only 6,8kg
Permanent-magnet 3-phase AC-generator with rated power of 420 - 500W
Design-optimization in our own wind-tunnel
Very good start-up performance due to low cogging torque at 2,2m/s wind speed  (4 knots)
Start-up charging from a wind intensity of 2,8 m/s (5 knots)
Universal application for low, middle and strong winds
For marine and land use and professional applications
Durable and low maintenance



Charge Controller

The battery system-voltage (12v or 24V) is automatically detected
Hybrid charge controller (wind and solar) with multifunctional LCD display and integrated, electronical automatic and manual brake system
Free adjustable final charging voltage for all battery types
Adjustable max. charging current
Programmable user port for external consumers
LCD-display of all relevant working data (W, A, V , Ah, kWh)


 Significant performance increase
 Improved charging process for longer battery life time
 Maximum security

"Blue Blade" Rotor Blades

High-tech carbon fiber rotor blades
Made of 100% Carbon-Fiber material – CFRP
Hand laminated. By using High–Tensile carbon fibers in hand laminated application with epoxy-resin the blades get extremely resistant
Wind channel optimized
Ultra low noise emissions
Balanced for low vibrations
Outstanding strength to weight ratio
Successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 at hurricane speed 122km / h (5480 rpm, with almost speed of sound at the blade tips)


How Quiet is the Silent Wind Generator?

"As for the sound, we had gusts up to 40+ mph the night we installed it (got a 2 minute break from the gusts to get it up) and she was flying! There was very little noise as well. I have heard a few small wind turbines and the sounds they make are horrendous! But this blue bladed bird was very silent except for a small swoosh at the high speeds. The wind made more noise howling than the turbine. Out boat was being healed over close to 20 degrees at times from the strong wind. Also the automatic brake came on 3 or 4 times last night as well. We never noticed when the brake came on except for a small red light on the control box."

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