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Noiseless, highly efficient hydro-generator from Watt & Sea now available in Australasia.

Kiwi Yachting Consultants brings the latest development in European designed power generation to sailors down-under. Watt & Sea offer high peak power output without the noise, fumes, and unreliability of traditional power plants. The range of cruising and racing options offer a yacht complete energy autonomy with as little as 5 knots of boat speed.

Watt and Sea RacingThe principle is simple, with the momentum of a yacht under sail turning an immersed propeller from a retractable stern leg on the transom. The refined Watt & Sea design is light, reliable and works in with the “green philosophy” of the modern coastal and offshore sailor. A rudder-like bracket and hydrodynamic leg means amps are generated with as little as 3 knots boat speed. The environmentally friendly solution has already been nominated for the METS Design Award and won the 2010 Bateau Bleu award from the French Marine Federation.


Cruising Hydrogenerator

High performance system for cruising or offshore navigation and long

distance crossingswith total energy independence

Performance matters :Watt and Sea Cruising

- Efficient at speed ranges from 3 to 20 knots.

- High output under sail with negligible noise.

- Flexibile mounting options - easy to raise and lower.


- Unperceivable drag due to hydrodynamic design.

Technical characteristics : 

- Power : 500W (40A in 12V - 20A in 24V)

- Supply voltage : 12V or 24V
- Weight : 8,2 kg (hydrogenerator), 3,5 kg (convertor-regulator)

Warranty : 2 years against manufacturing defects.

240 mm propeller as standard with various options.

Racing Hydrogenerator

High performance, unperceivable drag

An adapted and patented version of the prototype developed for the Vendée Global Ocean Race
The Watt & Sea Racing Hydrogenerator is especially designed for high-performance ocean
racing sailboats.
Effective at a boat speed range from 7 to 25 knots, they are equipped with a variable
pitch propeller, functioning electronically with an independent miniaturized system,
thus minimizing the drag and improving the energy output.
Delivered with convertor-regulator, fastening bracket and hydraulic pump to
managing the variable pitch.

Performance matters :

- Various options to suit use and type of vessel.
- Efficiency at a speed range from 7 to 25 knots.
- Considerable energy input for total independence of racing sailboats
- Unperceivable drag thanks to a perfect hydrodynamics and the variable pitch
- Designed to perform in extreme conditions.

Technical characteristics :
- Power : 500W (40A in 12V - 20A in 24V). Watt and Sea Racing

- Supply voltage : 12V or 24V
- Start-up speed : 7 knots

- Aluminium Racing weight : 8,5 kg (hydrogenerator), 3,5kg (convertor-regulator), 1kg (hydraulic pump)

- Carbon Racing weight : 6,5 kg (hydrogenerator), 3,5kg (convertor-regulator),1kg (hydraulic pump)

- Warranty : 2 years against manufacturing defects.


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