Good day for the team

Yesterday was a pretty good day for the team in San Fran. We started the day with a solid win over Artemis Red in our semi final match. We then had two fleet races where we placed first and fourth to move up to third in the overall standings. To finish the day we raced Oracle Spithill in the final of the match race. I made a mistake in the final 10 seconds and pretty much handed the race to the Oracle team.

All in all yesterday was a good solid result. We improved around the start line, our speed was good and it felt like we understood the race course well. Still plenty to learn but in general we feel that we have improved dramatically on where we were a month ago which is pleasing.

Today is Super Sunday with the heavily weighted final last race. A good result here and anything can happen. We will certainly give it our all to try and secure a good result in the fleet racing.


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