Race 1 of the LVC

Yesterday was our first race of the Louis Vuitton Cup.  The biggest news was more the fact that Luna Rossa decided not to show up and race.  This is a postion that they have taken given the Jury is meeting today to determine whether both our and Luna Rossa's protests will be upheld.  They took the position not to race until a decision was reached, while our position was that we comply with either rule and want to get on with it.  

We ran the day as we would of with a full race preperation including all the fun and games of a dock out show at Pier 29.  It was great to get out on the water when points do start to count and see how the intensity around the base and team builds.

We did a full course which lasts around 45 minutes in a 14-17kt breeze.  It was amazing to see how many people were down around the waterfront to watch us sail around and it is a good sign for things to come.  I am sure it will provide an even bigger level of excitement to see two boats engaged in battle which will hopefully be the case on Saturday when we next line up against LR.

We are having a day working on the boat today and will go out again tomorrow for our race day against Artemis although we know they will not be there.  We still feel there is value in us racing on the course area under time pressure to work on our systems and to make sure we are fully prepared for later stages of the competition.  

Meanwhile we are standing by for the result of the Jury decision over the next few days and where that will lead.  


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